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Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres, or "Women Island," is situated where the Caribbean Sea meets the Gulf of Mexico. About 8 miles off the shore of Cancun, Isla has it all - beautiful beaches, an underwater museum, delicious seafood and ridiculous sunsets. 

The small island captured our hearts in 2022 during a much-needed vacation and we are so excited to be returning with all of our favorite people. 

Lay of the Land

Isla Mujeres is divided into three major sections - Norte (North), Centro (Central), and Sur (South). The majority of our festivities will be held in the Sur, but we hope you'll explore other areas, too! 


Norte - This is where you'll find the bustling beaches, street vendors and food carts. The best part of the island to watch the sunset!

Centro - Where the majority of the locals live. Home to tasty restaurants and Isla Brewery. 

Sur - The quietest part of the island, though you'll still find beach clubs and live music. Location of Punta Sur National Park. 

Getting Around

It's a fairly small island - you can drive the entirety in under 30 minutes. Cabs are plentiful (and cheap) and there are buses that run everyday until 9 PM. If you'd rather feel the wind flow through your tresses, golf carts are available to rent for about $90/day. 


Our ceremony will be held at Hacienda Caribe on the south side of the island. Everyone can use this as a "headquarters" and most group festivities will be held here.

The address is Av. Perimetral Ote., 77403 Q.R., Mexico.

Where to Stay

Space is very limited at the villa where our ceremony will be held. Luckily, Isla Mujeres offers plenty of places to lay your head - everything from 5-star hotels to hostels. Below are a few recommendations, but feel free to do your own research as well!

Casa de los Sueños

A beachfront boutique hotel with an onsite restaurant and beach club. Offers swimming pools, water slides, paddle boards, and kayaks. Super cute with a great view!


Izla Hotel

A more luxurious choice, Izla Hotel Beach Club has lots of five-star amenities, including private beach access. By car, it's located 7 minutes from our ceremony site. 


There are a ton of great rental properties across the island. Interested in shacking up with another group? Reach out to Isaac or Jordyn!

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